There are two types of forfeits:

1. Played forfeit – when a team is unsuccessfully able to provide a minimum of 12 CIPP’d players to take the field for a 15;s game or 5 CIPP’d for a 7’s game, but the opposition agrees to loan them players so that a match can be played. It is up to the opposition who is loaning the players to either have the outcome of the match count as whatever the results are (so if they lose, it is counted as such) or take a 20-0 win (4-penalty awarded tries), so bonus point is awarded. This needs to be agreed to before the kick-off of the match and made known to the referee.

2. Unplayed forfeit – when a team decides to or cannot play a match for whatever reasons.

Unplayed forfeits will result in a $250 penalty for the team who is unable to play. The forfeit fee should be paid AND received within 15 days of the forfeit. Payments can be made either by check or paypal. Please note that there is some lag time for mailing so take this into consideration when making the payment. If a lot of documents are needed by your school, etc that takes a considerable amount of time, such as a W-9, and to register as a vendor of the school, etc. and extra fee will be charged depending on the amount of time involved.

Checks can be mailed to:

LoneStar Conference Rugby

6339 Parkland Oaks

San Antonio, TX 78240

Or via paypal to 

To prevent forfeits from happening, I suggest if it is one team who is unable to play on the scheduled date, that they reach out to the other team and ask when they might have friendlies already scheduled, along with other key dates the opposition may have, such as homecoming, etc. Then take all of those dates and the dates of scheduled matches, put them on a calendar and try and figure out an alternate date that both teams are available.  I highly discourage jumping to use the bad weather make-up day as a solution, especially this early in the season, due to what happens if there is a freeze and that day has to be used, but is already taken because a team tried to take the easy way out for a forfeit and schedule that day.  That day is labelled as "Bad Weather make-up day" for a reason.

Every team had the opportunity to send in dates that they were unable to play before the season began, the schedulers then took these dates into consideration when devising the schedule and all dates were honored.  A DRAFT schedule was then sent out, asking every club to double check it against their own clubs personal schedule and let me know of any conflicts, the schedule was then tweaked to take into account these conflicts and a new schedule was then presented, there were no objections and then the schedule was made FINAL.

If the opposition is just not wanting to play on any other date then the one originally scheduled, I recommend letting me know and getting me involved to see if another date can be found.  Again, I will not ask the other club to cancel anything they may already have on their schedule and will take other things into consideration, such as safety factor of said make-up game creating them playing 5 or more weeks in a row etc.

A lot of time and effort go into creating the schedule that fits everyones requests of dates they cannot play etc., and therefore, forfeits are highly discouraged as it does neither team or the conference any good.

USA Rugby has made the registering "CIPP'ing" of players very easy and instantaneous, so that players can be made available to play within a couple of hours of CIPP'ing, however, I do not recommend waiting this late to CIPP players, but the opportunity is there should the need arise.