About us

The LoneStar Conference (LSC) and LoneStar Women's Conference (LSWC) is committed to being the premier Collegiate Rugby Conferences in Texas.  Its’ mission is to cultivate, educate, and promote the sport of rugby, while instilling pride, life long values and self confidence.  The Conferences came about due to USA Rugby mandating that all college programs separate from their territorial Unions and become their own silos.  

So in 2012, the LSC was formed by the Texas Rugby Union Collegiate Representative, Shayne Roberson as a place for colleges to play.  It started out with 10 men’s club and is currently made up of 14 collegiate men’s programs.  The LSWC was formed in 2013 also by Shayne and started with 7 women’s program and currently made up of 11 collegiate women’s programs.   In 2015, the LSC became a 501(c)(3) recognized not-for-profit organization.  The LSC strives to offer the most resources available to its’ clubs, including a selected All Star Men’s team tour, coaches and player clinics hosted by some of the best coaches available and a top notch playoff system.  The LSC and LSWC does offer its clubs two different playoff pathways to a National Championship, one through NSCRO (National Small College Rugby Organization) and one through USA Rugby DII.  The LSC is also in the process of creating and offering college scholarships for players in the Conference.

In 2015, the All Star Men’s team was formed and named the LSC Rattlesnakes and took its first tour to the Cayman Islands. Since then we have successfully toured Alberta, Canada and New Zealand. The success of this program has improved the level played accross our conference and has seen our teams progress from teh Regional Championships for two consecutive years.