2016 All Star Try Outs Huge Success

First and foremost, I would like to start off by thanking the commissioner and other coaches who attended the tryouts, this was my first real interaction with anyone within the Texas Rugby system. The professionalism, attention to detail and family environment were exceptionally impressive as they brought me right into the fold like I was one of their own.

I am the new head coach for the Texas A&M Central Texas Warriors, a brand new program within the LoneStar Conference and NSCRO.  My roster is filled with former football, soccer, and baseball players who've never heard of rugby.

Darren contacted me and we discussed the tryouts as I wasn't sending  any of my players due to their lack of rugby experience, Darren brought up some great points thus I agreed to bring three players with great athletic ability and raw talent.  As my approach with players is they need to crawl, walk, run so attending an All-Star tryout would be a full out sprint, I realized that wasn't the case all the coaches there assisting with the tryouts took time to breakdown the small elements of each skill/ drill so players understood what they would be graded on. 

The camp exceeded my expectations from the player-player and player to coach interaction, I say this because as with other camps I've been associated with we know all the players and there are a hand full of players that will automatically make the squad due to who they know or being on the squad in previous years etc.  This camp I felt all players were on a level playing field, this may be naive thinking on my part of course due to such a short tenure within Texas rugby and the Lone Star Conference, regardless of that this camp made a great first impression. 

My three players learned a lot made new friends and now realize there is more to rugby that hanging out with teammates after practice and games, they also made note to tell me they would like to incorporate some of the drills they did at the camp with our squad when practice resumes after the holidays.

Thanks again to Shayne and Darren for the opportunity and the inclusion of our new program as part of the Lone Star Conference All-Star Tryouts.  I will assist in any way possible moving forward this is an organization I'm proud to be a part of. 

-Ray Vitale