New Zealand Tour.......Find the Mana

The 2017 Lonestar Rattlesnake All Star team is excited to be touring New Zealand in 2017. This will be the most exciting trip for the squad to date. This year we have made changes to the pathway in becoming an “All Conference Player”. 
What we require from those hoping to attain this honor is to be at the Open Tryout scheduled for November 13th, 2016.
This event will be run similar to last year’s combine with skill testing and games to allow us to evaluate players in a real environment. During the week concluding this event we will announce a 30-35 man training squad for New Zealand.
If you are lucky enough to be selected to this squad, you will then be contacted personally for an interview and also advised of the first training camp. As you can see from this document the entire schedule of events is laid out NOW. Check and plan your schedule to allow you to maximize your opportunities at making the final touring party.
This year once again we will continue to build relationships directly with men’s clubs all over Texas. The goal here is to ensure those that graduate have a smooth transition to play rugby after they graduate, while also taking advantage of the wide rugby network to secure employment, internships and even summer jobs. They will be hosting all of our events through the duration so please use this opportunity to ask any questions along the way in case you end up in these areas after school.
There is a cost involved in the tour so please beware of this from the outset. Approx. $1900 is the tour fee which includes flights, accommodation, transport and our excursion or teambuilding event. Typically, breakfasts are included however please remember all meals and free time activities are 100% at your cost. This tour is increased for obvious reasons such as increased duration, increased flight costs etc.
This year we have also expanded our coaching team and will also utilize coaches domestically to help in selections and development/preparation of players and the team prior to departure.
The Lonestar Conference has setup this pathway, as well as the tour to promote rugby inside the conference, but also showcasing players that have the potential to play rugby at the next level. Please remember that when you are playing at this level there are additional expectations and responsibilities required from you both on and off the field. You are not only an ambassador of the rugby, but to your school and your country. We want you to be the best and brightest player and person you can, so please help us in showcasing that.
Lastly, if you want to be seen, if you want to try out in a position you feel you are suited too, please come out. The more that attend, the more get identified.
REGISTRATION FOR THE COMBINE is at under the ALL STARS menu option. Click on 2017 Registration and fill in ALL the information requested. Under the PAYMENTS tab please click on this and select the payment option for the event you are attending.
Please note that most of the camps are on Sundays, this is to help ensure that the senior men’s team will be available to us and there is no conflict with games your teams may have scheduled.
We look forward to seeing you at the Open Tryout in San Antonio, Texas Nov. 13th 2016.
Darren Scott – Head Coach
P: 469 708-8684
Chris Botto – Backs Coach
Peter Lewis – Backs Coach
Shayne Roberson – Tour Manager
P: 210 846-4739
13th November, 2016
                WHERE: Univ. of Texas – San Antonio
                               San Antonio, TX
                TIME: 9.00am - 4pm [MUST be registered BEFORE 8.45am]
                COST: $10 [Includes Lunch]
12th February, 2017
Training Camp
                WHERE: Texas A&M - Central Texas
                               Kileen, TX
                TIME: 9.00am - 4pm [MUST be registered BEFORE 8.45am]
                COST: $20 [Includes Lunch]
1st – 2nd April, 2017
Training Camp
                WHERE: TBD
                               Houston, TX
                TIME: 9.00am - 4pm [MUST be registered BEFORE 8.45am]
                COST: $20 [Includes Lunch]
20th - 21st May, 2017
Training Camp
                WHERE: TBD
                               Dallas, TX
                TIME: 9.00am - 4pm [MUST be registered BEFORE 8.45am]
                COST: $20 [Includes Lunch]
10th – 25th June, 2017
                WHERE: North Island
                               New Zealand
                DEPARTS: Houston, TX