LSC All Star Player Eligibility Guidelines



Academic Year – An annual period during which a student attends a college or university beginning with the first day of the fall semester or quarter and ending at the conclusion of the summer semester or quarter.

Academic Term – An academic session that is a division of the Academic Year. This includes a quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring,) and a semester (Fall, Spring).

Qualifying Match – any match in which the result is used to determine official competition standings and/or to determine LSC playoffs.

Policy Regulations - Players

In order to participate in the LSC All Star tour, the student-athlete must meet all of the following eligibility regulations at the time of the tour:

1.     The student-athlete must be a CIPP-registered member of USA Rugby.

2.     The student-athlete must be within seven (7) years from the date the student-athlete first enrolled in a university or college. Any college courses that are taken during high school do not start the eligibility clock. Student-athletes may only compete for a college or university for a maximum of five (5) years of rugby based on USA Rugby CIPP enrollment history. Playing rugby one semester or term during an academic year counts as an entire year.

3.     The student-athlete must be enrolled as an undergraduate student seeking his/her first undergraduate degree or certificate seeking program and meet all requirements set by their school for participation. The student-athlete must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credits. Exceptions:

a.       A student-athlete within his/her final Academic Term who requires less than six (6) credits to graduate may go on tour.

b.      A student-athlete enrolled full time in post-graduate studies (graduate school or pursuance of an additional bachelor’s degree) and is within seven (7) years from the date the student-athlete first enrolled in a university or college may maintain eligibility if they have yet to compete in five (5) years of rugby.

c.       A student-athlete competing for a university or college during the Fall semester and graduates is eligible to go on that years tour. 

4.     Players who are 25 years of age or older as of the first date of tour, who otherwise meet these Regulations, must apply for an age exemption from the LSC/LSWC Commissioner.

5.     Players who agree to go on tour, must have and provide a copy of a valid passport two (2) weeks prior to the departure date of the tour, and fill out all required paperwork necessary for tour, not limited to but including the tour rules and agreement form.