Frequently asked questions

Q. What are our Game Week requirements?

Game week procedures are listed on a form that you can download and print by clicking here or going to the "Forms" section of this site under "Team Requirement".

Q. How can I be an All Star?

There is a dedicated section to the All Stars on the front page header menu.

The pathway to becoming an all star can happen one of two ways.

1. In December there is an OPEN COMBINE. This is open to anyone that wishes to be seen and identified as potentially making the invited group of 48 players to the initial camp in March. This is the easiest and most effective way to show your desire to continue playing, compete at a higher level as well a showcase you abilities on the field.

2. All Star coaches and selectors will be constantly monitoring players identified through the combine, but also be looking at talented players  throughout the season that may have not attended the Combine for one reason or another. This path is harder as you would have to have a real standout game whilst a selector or coach is observing as we have no metrics or previous data to reflect up.

We recommend registering and attending the Combine as that shows you interest and gives us plenty of time to research players with coaches, video, etc.

Q. Our school doesn't have a team, can I start a club?

Definatley! We have in our forms section all you need to start a club team at you university/college. Please check that out. If you need any further help or advice please contact the conference commissioner Shayne Roberson at